Mindfullness Jar

This is a beautiful gift to give your children, friends, and family, or even for your own stocking this Christmas.

When you are feeling frustrated, angry, sad, and stressed you can shake the jar. At first the sparkles scatter and move rapidly throughout its core, representing the thoughts in your mind when we enter a place of stress. But as you set it down, taking full deep breaths, its sparkles soon begin to float delicately and slowly, and as they begin to settle, so does your heart and your mind. You are able to go to a place of calm, hitting the reset button, so you can continue to nurture yourself throughout the day.

This recipe was adapted from the book “Moody Cow Likes To Meditate” by Kerry Lee McLean. One of my favourite books for teaching children (and grown ups) how they can change their response to the the world around them with meditation.



  • 500ml Mason Jar
  • Craft paper (any design that you love)
  • gorilla glue (so your jar doesn’t open up)
  • water
  • craft sparkles
  • vegetable glycerin (found at most health food stores and pharmacies,usually in the first aid section)
  • dish soap


  1. Fill Jar 3/4 full of warm tap water
  2. Fill the rest of the jar with glycerin and 4 drops of dish soap, leaving a bit of room.
  3. Shake jar allowing the glycerin to dissolve.
  4. Add sparkles and shake until all clumps have dispersed.
  5. Trace smaller lid insert on paper. Cut out paper and place decorated side up onto your lid.
  6. Apply a bit of “gorilla glue” around the lid ring and twist it on.
  7. Allow time for glue to set.
  8. Enjoy the beauty and relaxation benefits of your new mind jar!